Monday, October 10, 2016

Sex, Politics and the Republic

By the standards applied to Democrat politicians (Kennedy, Weiner, Clinton to name a few), there is nothing wrong with anything Trump said. It is only through the lens of Judeo-Christian values that we look askance at Trump's behavior. The approbrium for what Trump did only has validity within the framework of conservative moral philosophy, not in the libertine values of the progressive left. If you ask why Trump supporters aren't abandoning him (indeed, why he's collecting more support), it's because the left has succeeded in minimizing the role of traditional morality in public life. After all, if Bill Clinton can get away with rape, Anthony Weiner can sext underage girls, and Barney Frank can run a gay prostitution ring from his house, then what is the problem with a little slap and tickle below the belt?

The reality of the Trump tapes - since most people haven't heard them - is that Trump bragged about his one-time sexual exploits with other consenting adults. While selected snippets taken out of their context may offend the senses of most people, that's only because our senses tell us that those things aren't supposed to be discussed openly. Nor were they. As Trump stated last night, it was 'locker room talk', and not appropriate for responsible men. And frankly, it wasn't nearly as salacious as some would like to portray it as. Men routinely brag about their sexual adventurism (real or imagined) in these settings. It's where men learn about what is and isn't appropriate among their peer group. The "locker room" is part of the sexual education of straight cisgender red blooded American males, and allows for a safe environment for men to explore their impulses before they cross lines that can't be uncrossed outside of the locker room.

That was then. This is now. The progressive left has criminalized sexuality, with the harshest penalties being reserved for heterosexual males. We're told to suppress orthodox sexual conduct, but celebrate sexual deviancy. The result is that we now have an inversion. Healthy sexual behaviors - flirting, making out or simply propositioning (however subtly - or not) a suitable mate of the opposite sex is actually considered a borderline criminal act. Meanwhile, deviant behaviors are celebrated. 152 million copies of "Fifty Shades of Grey" - novel celebrating abusive sexual relationships - have been sold world wide and made into a feature movie. Women across the planet are exploited for paid online pornography sites, with much of the revenues going to corporate shareholders at major media companies. There are few healthy sexual outlets for young people, but there is a plethora of unhealthy outlets if you can afford it.

Meanwhile, the end game of the progressive left's embargo of traditional sexual conduct has had an unintended consequence - not one that either progressives or conservatives can celebrate. Sexual repression heretofore had been analogous to the 1950's. That era's repression was driven by Protestant doctrine, not progressive ideology. But the effect now is the same as it was then - a cultural shift that results in the nullification of any kind of moral outrage. For the Conservative right, that means that Trump supporters are free to shrug their shoulders and utter "boys will be boys". For the Progressive Left, who lived by Saul Alinksy's rule 5 ("Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules"), there is no longer an expectation of fidelity for a candidate for political office. If it was cool for Bill Clinton to be a womanizer, and we all know that Trump is a womanizer as well, then it's therefore cool for Trump to be President.

This is the sad state of affairs for America in 2016. A womanizing celebrity and business mogul with statist ideas about how to run this country is doing battle against a Socialist with ambitions of deconstructing our Constitutional system in order to achieve a hedonistic order that she can exploit for personal gain. Where once we were a Republic based on democratic principles and guided by the rule of law, we're now a neurotic and dysfunctional reality TV show. You'll have to pardon me while I hold my nose and vote for the grabasstic guido with the comb over, because he is the lesser of four evils by far.


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