Friday, November 27, 2015

Trump... Maybe Not A Chump

So when I first heard that Donald Trump was running for President, I laughed. Trump? The loudmouth with the toupee made form his own real hair? Get outta here... you're fired!

Then I figured out he was serious. Which made me kind of angry. The Republic is too serious an issue to go grandstanding. We don't need loud-mouthed billionaires playing politicians. After seven years of Barry O, we need Statesman.

The funny thing is, the more outlandish an idea sounds, the more carefully you should consider it. Trump has shown something none of the other candidates have - self confidence. Anyone else who had made his string of gaffes would have bowed out under pressure by now. Trump just moves on. In fact, nobody has been able to make any controversy stick for long, and Trump has even turned a few around to his advantage. That kind of leadership is rarely successful in Washington circles, but then again the Washington circles aren't particularly successful outside of America.

Then Trump started launching his "plans" - his planks for his platform. The first one was immigration. The next few - 2nd Amendment Rights, Tax Reform, VA Reforms and US China Trade Reforms - aren't issues anyone is actually talking about. The funny thing is that this isn't the Donald being out of touch. This is the Donald saying "look, these are issues I think are important, and here is how I plan to address them." I have to say it's refreshing to see someone finally not sticking their finger into the air to figure out which way the wind is blowing.

So sufficed to say, I've been taking Trump much more seriously lately. And so have a lot of other people. The media assault on Trump has been going strong, with the establishment right and entire left wing frothing at the lips to strike any blow they can. And since I completely disagree with all of those people, I have to say a Trump Presidency is looking more and more attractive. The man clearly has executive experience - he's created a multi-billion dollar empire for a few million in initial capital. He also has leadership experience - pulling together multiple individuals from diverse backgrounds for his business ventures. But lastly, Trump's thinking is the exact opposite of the Washington insiders. Whereas candidates like Bush, Fiorina, Christie or Cruz hired huge teams of lawyers, lobbyists and PR firms, Trump hired a few key individuals to run his campaign. While other candidates struggled to convert cash into basis points in the polls, Trump used free media exposure to preserve his capital. While other campaigns floundered under the weight of their cost structure and hemorrhaged money from the coffers, Trump spent only what he had to.

At this point, I have decided that a Trump Presidency couldn't be any worse than any president we've had over the last 27 years. Not Bush 41, not Clinton, not Bush 43, not Obama. There can be two outcomes - either we watch the nation finally hit bottom instead of just swilling about, or we truly Make America Great Again. Either way, I'm down for whatever.

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