Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Herrmann, Certified Badass

From time to time, I like to direct the attention of individuals towards those men who, in my opinion, represent true manhood. I'm not talking about testosterone filled asshats who show off their boy toys or who swagger excessively to compensate for the penile-challenged lives. I mean true, certified badasses - men of heart and rugged individuals.

So today on the TruckYeah! blog, there was a story about some journos who were testing out the new Dodge Ram when they picked up a hitchhiker. Reading the story, I started to think “what kind of societal drop out is this loon, and what heinous sex crime is he running from?” Then I clicked over to his blog and found well written, engaging and entertaining articles. His description of the Cherry Creek made me long for my days of camping in the Tonto National Forest. He eulogy to his cat, who passed just this last April, made me forget my disdain for felines and damn near shed a tear. (I mean, if my coworkers weren’t watching, I would have.)

Herrmann, your certified Hemmingway-esque badassery is confirmed.

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