Thursday, February 05, 2015

What Your Shoes Say About The Company You Keep

I found a rather large hole in the bottom of my shoe this morning. Naturally, being a guy, I stuck my finger into it and after digging around for a second, I found my sock. 

I liked these shoes well enough. They're not expensive - about $60 - and they look good enough for business attire. They were particularly comfortable, and they lasted 6 years. But I'd rather wear something else.

In a world where businesses advertise that they're looking to "recruit, retain and grow top talent", one of the most ready indicators of whether they're serious about that is their dress code. If you truly have top talent, then either (a) you don't have to tell them to dress for success, or (b) you won't give a shit how they dress because their work product is outstanding. Yet companies here in the South still push a late 1950's era expectation of executive dress on what are essentially clerical level positions. They balance this with "casual Friday", where you're fortunate to wear jeans, dress casual shoes and a collared shirt. But God forbid you wear tennis shoes, or a t-shirt! 

Clothing is not the issue. It's a symptom. If an employer was truly focused on mission first, they wouldn't care what their people wore (except to say that people were dressed). And I would be in my tennis shoes. 

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