NASA’s Warp Ship – The Technical Details

Look at this beautiful ship. Designed by Mark Rademaker and based on the theoretical White-Juday-Alcubiere warp drive, it could potentially carry mankind to far flung destinations. The science is real … Continue reading →

My Career After The Robots

When Terminator came out in the 1980′s, it was pure sci-fi. Artificial Intelligence was – at best – an exercise in academic publishing. Robots were actually just sophisticated automata, and … Continue reading →

A Scout’s First Merit Badge

Every scout remembers their first merit badge. Specifically, they remember the dizzying array of merit badge options, and the absolute mind-numbing confusion they suffered in picking which one to take. … Continue reading →

The Case for Electronic Devices At Camp

Scouting in general has a “no devices” policy. Overall, it’s the right thing to do. Nothing has changed since 1910 about either boys or nature that would substantially alter the … Continue reading →